Integral working

The objective of IA Elektrotechniek is the design and supervision for industrial and utility projects and installations for power generation / distribution and instrumentation with the customer being the central figure.

Our living and working environment and the requirements made for this are becoming increasingly complicated and demand integral solutions more and more. IA Elektrotechniek keeps pace with this by, where required, bundling its multidisciplinary expertise within a single project. This allows IA Elektotechniek to supervise the entire design process in all its facets for its customers resulting in maximum performance within the set time frames and available budgets.

IA Elektrotechniek is a compact organisation with short lines of communication between the various colleagues and areas of expertise. This allows us to organise projects of different sizes efficiently for our customers. Keeping an open mind to the nature of the design means that we are always able to search for the best possible design solution for our customers. Being able to listen well to what is proposed and to think along with others plays an important role in this.